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Hey I just noticed that The Reef Shop in portage has cyclopeeze now. I think I might have to get some sat if he has any left.
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irs great stuff! I love it
We love it too! we use it to make a witch's brew[-witch] of cyclopeeze, rotifer, a little formula one, but that in the blender w/ some tank water, mix in the blender then put in some dt's.(no blender) target feed and everyone gets some thing they like!! and everyone's happy, nothing better than happy corals/inverts[-jump2]
cool. do you guys feed this stuff once a week?
We target feed 2 or 3 times a week. because the formula one is in there(but in small pieces) the fish and shrimp eat too. [D] On the days we don't target feed the fish get a rotation of Marine S pelets, formula 1, and tetra flake. Some of the inverts eat this stuff too. So by alternating target feeding and fish feeding we don't over do the food and water stays nice. Also every one gets a varity, I think it would stink to be a fish and eat the same thing every day (boring) Unless of course you were a manderine or something. LOL
A word of caution Go easy on frozen cyclopeeze as a little goes a long way. The company has a great packaging system and there is almost no water in the package. I use a potato shaver as any "hunk" is way too much for my corals. I have found that my gobies love the stuff too. I add selcon and dts and everybody is happy.
I just found out the reef shop is Up for sale =[. So therefore it is most likely going to move to another location. This really ***** because unless it stays local there really is no place close to me that is any good for corals. and by close I mean less than an hour drive so detroit is out of the picture hehe.
I feed it heavily. The frozen I break off a quarter size chunk or a little bigger daily. I feed 12 scoops of teh FD to the 180 if Iam using that.

It all gets used though. if not the corals teh sandbed, if not teh sand bed the refugium.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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