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Got this stuff on only (1) rock,..in my DT.

Also had a bit in my Fuge'...mostly on the "eggcrate" holding up my "cheato".
I scrubbed it off of that in my kitchen sink...easily.

There also is some funky looking red stuff on the fuge walls. Longer though.
I'm sure I can scrape it off the walls & remove it too.
Just wondering?...this normal in a Fuge?

Should I invest in "Phosphate Ban"?
Here's a couple pics:

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What are your water parameters? How old is the tank?

Its never a bad idea to syphon it out.
Tank parameters -

Unfortunately, I can't answer that question....as I haven't invested in a test kit yet.
I will be after the holiday...unless I receive one..:pleasantry:
I want something not too complicated, or costly.

I usually take in water to a LFS and have them test it.
Everytime,..it's good..I can tell you that.

The tanks' been up & running since August.
Bio load is light, I'd say.

I brushed it off the rock last night, with a toothbrush..it was very easy to remove.
Also noticed the stuff in my Fuge' seems to be gone...for the most part:pleasantry:
I also moved that rock into more direct flow-line from my powerhead.

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Siphon out as much as you can and use chemiclean or similar product. I'm not totally convinced phosphate is the only limiting nutrient that allows this bacteria to grow. Im not big on chemicals, but we have used erthromyacin as an experiment and it acted and killed the cyano in the same way. My point is, I dont know exactly whats in chemiclean http://www.chemipure.com/prd_am/product/idproduct=2 but the stuff works, and works well.
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