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Deep Sand Beds Revisited

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This is not meant to start an arguement!!!

A nice civil discussion would be nice.:D

I am very curious as to why every time the subject of DSB comes up the responses are a resounding "DSB=bad" on this board.

Yet 80% (roughly) of the people whos tank I visit have DSB of some depth and varying particle diameter. Are there really that many of us headed down the road to eventual disaster??

Or is this a case of the vocal minority scewing results.

Both posts where I have posted recently that recent studies are pointing toward there being no "Magic" sand depth and that many ways work well, the posts were quickly silent and disappeared. (not magic just no posts)

Anybody read lately a study where they came to the conclusion that DSB=BAD??

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Ya know, I went back and re read the posts I was talking about and what I see was really my failure to see the whole picture :(

I allowed those who posted bad things to cloud out the folks supporting them.

I even had two quotes ready to go including one that said "It seems to be widely accepted that a DSB will crash at some point 3-4 years out."

But the replies, although many not supportive of DSB's were also quick to point out "There still has been no proven, "wrong way" to go." and Tank crashing is anectotal. There's no scientific fact that because someone says their tank crashed that it was due to sand bad

My Bad:(

Newts your tank was one of the 80% I was speaking of:)

I have only had an SW tank roughly a year so I am no expert. What has really bugged me about this hobby is the amount of anecdotal items taken as fact. There is almost no scientific evidence of anything, let alone the effects of a DSB.

I see Tide is doing a study on the effects of lighting on coral growth. The SW community as a whole needs more of this.
75gal.reefowner said:

Whatever, this is a tired subject that has all kinds of mis-information. Do\use what you like, just understand and maintain it properly.
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