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Digi skin browning

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I have a ORA Green Digi that the polyps are still out on some, and usually has a nice bright white skin with the fluorescent green polyps. The white has become brown, no algae on it I can see and the growth has become significantly slower. I have a ORA German Blue about 3" from it that grows like a weed and an ORA Birds of Paradise about 2" above and 2" over that grows crazy as well. I actually had a frag of this off the colony that turned brown and the polyps receded and never returned. Anyone ever see this before? Will post pics shortly.

SG: 1.025
CA: 450
Alk: 9
Nitrate: <10
PO4: 0
pH: 7.7 - 8.1
Mg: 1350

Any thoughts would be great!
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no, it is a pesticide available in most garden centers. It is a large bottle, I think it's around $8.00. I can get a pic of the bottle this evening if you want.
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