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or RK3 is anybody else fallowing this thread on RC we are being teased with updates on what the product will do so far we have learned the fallowing. his is a break down from 9 pages on RC little things D.A. has told us the whole thread is at.


With all of the chatter that's been going on we thought we'd chime in. If you are thinking about ANY of the high end controllers on the market now, you should wait!!!

We first want to say that the RK2 is a great part of our product line, now and into the future. It's a great mid-level controller that offers a number of unique features that our customers love. Not to mention the fact that it's one of the most user friendly systems on the market today.

Still, one thing the market is really lacking is an Elite-level controller. We envision something that is high-end, yet simple to use. A controller with tons of expandability and never before seen features!

The ReefKeeper Elite (RKE).

Now we're sure there will be TONS of questions. We will be releasing more information in the coming weeks, so we won't be fielding emails about the RKE or its line of accessories at this time. All data we have will be posted on RC for now with website updates to shortly follow.

We can say that '08 is going to be a big year for the controller industry, for our customers and us here at Digital Aquatics!


The RK Elite is the first Reefkeeper with on-board data logging. Allowing you to track your tanks parameters from pH, ORP and temperature to micro switches and much more.

While there are several reasons we didn't do this in the past with the RK1 or RK2; the RK Elite, allows to us to really present this data in a way that makes data logging a practical feature as an on-board option for a controller.

Info to come:
-We hope to have a better idea on pricing and pre-order dates in about 2-3 weeks.

-Before long we'll have pictures and a partial list of features on our new site (currently under construction.) And you'll see how the RK2 and RKE make a great controller family!

-We'll also let you know as more big news is going to be released. We have a number of big features that we're keeping under wraps for a while! We don't want to tip our hand to soon!

OK, well it's Monday and I thought we'd jump on give you some more info about the RK Elite. It's a safe assumption that the RK Elite will have all the same functionality as the RK2 and then some. So here is a short list of additional features that you can look forward to in the RK Elite.

-Wavemaker, now there is an A/B, AND C/D cycle not just A/B or C. This will really open up options for water flow and control.

-We have removed "Temp Controller" and "pH controller" and are replacing them with a more general "Controller" option. This new option will be able to take any of the probes or inputs that you have connected to the RK Elite system weather it be; pH, ORP, temp, uSwitch or something else. So with this change, anything you wish to control from heaters, chillers, and fans to reactors, dosing pumps and more will all be controlled by the same function. You'll just pick a different primary probe to determine how it's triggered.

-Lastly, expandability is the name of the game! We've listened to our customers and the fact that the RK Elite is a high-end controller; you will be able to expand this system to your hearts content. (More to come on this great bit of info...)

Also to come, more info on expandability, the head unit, power controllers, pricing and last but not least pre-orders. Again we should have a good bit of info out in the upcoming weeks.

The Expansion Socket will work with either controller the RK2 or the RKE.

The RK Elite will be able to monitor and control a number of tanks if configured correctly. So to answer your question, YES.

The expandability of the RK Elite will be like nothing on the market today!

-More features
-RK2 (pH, temp), RKE (pH, ORP, temp, uSwitch and more)...

If you visit the website and read up on the RK2 then look at this thread it start really making sense and coming together what we're the RKE is going to be.

keep this in mind. The RK Elite is defined as we're expecting it to debut at this point. However, the way it's designed and with our road map for the product there will be add-ons and updates through '08 and beyond.

The RK Elite will boast the largest expandable system in the industry, capable of controlling up to 64 Modules! This will allow users to control up to 250 outlets or as many as 250 input devices. In short, even the most demanding reefer will be hard pressed to out grow the RKE!

With our new system there's no cumbersome setup or wondering if you did something wrong. The RKE takes care of all the confusing and complicated work for you. All you have to do is plug it in and you're ready to go; it's a true plug and play system!

Here's a little picture of the RK Elite… …A little Christmas gift from us to you.

and last but not least

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Thanks for the information.

I've been in the market for a controller for some time. Oh and let me say, It's been hard to decide on which one to get.

However, I was looking into the Aqua controller PRO III, so now I will sit tight for another month and see when AD comes out with their RKE and see how it compares to the competition.

Happy Holidays

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Alan said:
Love my RK2 but this thing will kick my RK2's butt
I couldn't agree more, :D the RK2 is a great unit but needs a few things to make it perfect. still my favorite feature is the how easy it is to change my rk2 change the light times or just turn them on of scheduel. say friends come over after the tank goes dark. info should be coming out faster now since they are going to start Preorders in Jan needless to say there might be some RK2 going up for sale soon including mine lol..

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update from D.A.

this all the info Digital Aquatics I am just posting what they posted this unit sound more and more exciting oh one more pic.

Update 12/28/07

Head unit:
The RK Elite is a unit that you'll surely want to display. We've taken that into consideration and given the RK Elite head unit several mounting options. You can use the tabs shown on the picture to flush mount it behind your stand or a wall. Or snap off the tabs and mount on the outside of a surface with the two teardrop mounting hole on the back. There are no bulky power supplies to plug in and no bundle of probe wires to route; one wire coming from the display unit takes care of everything and we give you easy options to hide that!

Speaking of display, the RK Elite has a 128x64 graphical display. And depending on your mood you can change the backlight of the display to any one of 30 colors. The RK Elite also has audible feedback, but more on that later…


-Status Lights for each channel and communication/system status.

-The Cap-sense interface is popping up on the PC4 also, giving you the ability to override channels at the power strip. This is a great feature if you have a PC4 in another room and you need to turn something off quickly or just need to make a quick adjustment.

- Digital Aquatics introduces IntellaStrip™ technology.
Another first for our industry is the ability of the PC4 to report the total current load that's being pulled through the unit. We use this feature to do what no other power strip on the market can…
The PC4 can think, shutting things down before a blown breaker or fuse takes the entire system down! No more worrying about what might happen if a pump fails while you're on vacation. We'll be releasing more on IntellaStrip™ technology soon!

As we said before this is a true plug and play device. You don't have to flip switchs or tell your controller that you've added a device.

The ReefKeeper Elite will be able to address up to 63 PC4s if you need to. That's up to 252 outlets.

The RK Elite can control 63 modules total. This includes PC4s, SL1s, and any other RK Module that is released.

Information still to come:
-More system info and product specifications
-Function and feature list
-We'll also be posting more pictures and desktop images in the coming days.
-Final pricing
-Special offers/packages
-Additional Modules
-Preorder dates
-All new Digital Aquatics website!

Lastly… For newbies to this thread, PLEASE, don't email us with questions on the new unit. Read back through this long thread for all our updates. That's all the info we've released and we're not answering emails on this new product.

Thanks for understanding!


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Reef Keeper Elite Price and more specs announced

DA has announced a price of $490 well under there promise of being under $600. :D lots of specs released with much more news to come. here is a link to DA site with all the currant news. they even added gift cards to make it a little easier meant to get the link up earlier this week buts it's been a wild week. :rolleyes:


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Pretty interesting. I've been leaning towards a Profilux, but always like to keep my options open...thanks for posting this labman I'm headed to RC...
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