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I bought a beautiful Scopas Tang back in October along with other fish. I didn't quarantine them and all of the fish came down with Marine Ich. During the 90 days that the display tank was left fallow, I treated the fish with:
Freshwater dip (with Meth Blue),
then Cupramine,
then Maracyn Plus,
then PraziPro.
The Scopas started showing signs of HLLE after I removed its hospital tank mates.
85saltygirlz gave spot-on advice and helped me move it to a larger tank (46 bowfront) with LOTS more flow.
It's been 72 hours and it is looking absolutely fabulous again and it's getting its appetite back.
I don't want to gouge anyone on price but I do feel that it's worth more than something straight out of the LFS.

How bout $45?

Oh, why am I selling it? Because it bullied first my Powder Blue Tang (now with 85saltygirlz in treatment), then my Sailfin Tang (before it died early on) and then turned to bullying my Foxface.
It is just aggressive with other Tangs and I want to get a Kole Tang and a Blackspot Angelfish.
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