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DIY LED, Drilled 29 gallon for Coral

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Well I have some equipment I would like to trade for corals.

I have a DIY LED panel. 36x 3watt LEDS mounted on heatsink with optics and dimmable drivers. Two channels blue and white. Will grow coral like crazy. Very bright.

I also have a 29 gallon standard drilled with a glass holes overflow and a stand. good shape with only a few minor scratches.

In addition I have a BRS style dual cartridge reactor and another LED panel. I would need to solder the drivers back in place on this one as they were last run remotely.

Looking to trade for almost any type of coral. Leathers, LPS, ZOAs, SPS... Let me know what you have. might have to pass on some of the more demanding SPS as the tank is only around 9 months old.

Let me know what you are looking to trade!


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I'm interested in your leds, are they Cree bulbs? I have lots of frags to trade.maybe have interest in your 29g as well. Where are you located.
Tried to pm but it said my quota had been exceeded? Anyhow I am interested in the leds.I have coral to trade .
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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