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DIY Moon Light Kit

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I purchased this kit off a seller on Ebay, but I don't have the time/inclination to put it together. It is very well thought out with lots of pictures in the instruction manual.

Kit comes with: soldering iron & stand, solder, power supply, wire, 5 leds in the 465-470nm wavelength, & resistors.

Even if you've never soldered before, the instructions show you how.

I did also buy a new 4 foot 1 1/2" wide board (home depot) that I was going to mount these leds to. I will sell that along with the kit.

Everything is new.

Price: $25
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I have the exact same kit as Skylergirl's. It is a GREAT moonlight. Easy to put together, and looks good! I'd buy it, but I already have one!! Anyone looking for a moonlight can't go wrong with this.
No problem, Sunny! It's a good moonlight and a good sell, someone should be very happy with it!

See you Saturday?
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