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Do we want Phishy Business at the Frag Swap????

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Hey all this was just an Idea I know Serdar From PhishyBusiness.com (RC Sponsor) Came to one of the previos frag swaps.
I looked to me that there might be alot of buying and not as much selling?

So I called him just to See if he would be interested in comming down. Hes not comming unless everyone agrees especially Jay bieng its his house.

But he said he could come down and bring stuff even take pre-orders

I have no ties with him. He is one of the vendors that sels a large amount of livestock Items.

I was thinking it might be something we would want? Understand he is not just showing up. This is just to get a feel if we would want something like that?
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I wouldn't have a problem , But that is really up to Jay.

Plus, he has really cool stuff.
I think there should be a few rules if businesses come.

1) They are not allowed to buy any frags unless no other hobbiest wants the frag. This is for us, not for them to buy and then sell at their place of business.

2) There should be some 'thank you' from them to Jay (or the host), and of course the hosts permission.

I know most of them would abide by these, I just think they should be 'rules of conduct' if you allow such things. Also, there could be other rules, feel free to add or subtract them, they are just ideas.
I under stand and completly agree with these rules, But in the case of fishy bis. I don't think # 1 should be a problem considering all that he carries are exotics which not many of us have.
I wouldn't care either way and ultimately I think it is up to Jay. I would add that I was at a frag in Columbus where Phishy business was and he had some great stuff and as far as I know he never approached others about buying frags. I've talked with Serdar a couple of times and I highly doubt this would be a problem. From a different perspective, I know there were some reefers that were kind of disappointed with phishy being there for the sole fact that he had a nice setup and attracted the great majoriy of the attention. Seemed to detract from the trade aspect and more on the retail buy. I am happy either way.
I would probably put in a preorder for stuff. That sounds like a nice idea.
BTW I e-mailed Jay to get his thoughts on this
I agree with the rules I wasn't all that happy to find out last year people were buying my frags @ $10 to re-sell them in a LFS for more $$$
Hey I have no relationship with Phishy !!
I think it more beneficial to all of us if the Phishy show up.

He had many exoctics SPS frags
We can do pre orders the live stock
He had been in many swaps to supports the hobby more then his biz
Lastly, we need more exoctic (colorful) SPS in MI (compared to other states we have nothing.) (Hey I have purple monster, blue tort etc. but still not enough )

What you saying Jay?
I'm good either way. Actually the more the merrier and more selection!!!
Hello everyone. This is Serdar, the owner of Phishy Business. I have been to about 10 different frag swaps in the past two years. I understand the meaning of “frag swap” completely and understand your concerns. I truly go to them to help promote the hobby first and bring exceptional captive grown specimens along with wild colonies for you the hobbyist to purchase at lower then web prices. The fist Michigan swap I went to, about 2 years ago, I took a bucket of clams and sold them dirt cheap. I believe one of them became famous on your board. I made a few personal trades, but not for resale.

I would only come up if invited by the majority of participants and the okay of the host. I would abide by the rules and I always have a gift for the host and a free raffle for the guests.

I was asked if I would like to come, and will if you want me to. Just let me know. Really no big deal.

Thanks for your time,
I agree with the rules. If hes there to sell fine it might deter some of the newbies and allow the "hardcore" aquariumists to actually trade. I wouldn't agree with him purchasing things for his store either. If he can offer specimens that we dont have that would be a good thing. Plus we might beable to place a group order with him while hes there. Serdar, I think its great that you bring a gift to the host and hold a raffle, that really makes it more of an event and offers more crowd participation, Kodos to you for that.
Based off what he said, if this is a vote, then I say yes. But I think we are all '49ers ... Jay would be the final call.
well it looks unanimous. i agree with alowing him to come. i think my ban on professionals only encompases those that are buying frags from hobbyists to sell in stores. to me that just pissed in my wheaties last year after i found out about it. it does seem like eveyone posting here is saying no frags to trade just money, so i think this would be a good idea. i remember this guy from a meet we had at tim's house and he did have nice stuff. i guess the only thing i would like to see is that maybe he could offer a FRAGFEST discount or possibly make a donation to michiganreefers.com since we are offering him basicaly a captive audience. i dont have his contact info so if someone could e-mail me his contact info so i can make arrangements with him. thanks! there will also be some other interesting items for you guys with large tanks to oogle over. murph

oh yea one more thing... i get first dibs on the selection... lmao... j/k
Since he has some great history with people I think that would be really cool...especially if we can preorder.
i dont mind him coming get to see some new stuff and can trade at the same time works for me
My vote is yes!
I will stay neutral to this thread and let you all decide. I do though want to ask a few questions to all of you only to be fair to all other vendors like PhishyBusiness.

Is it fair to invite one vendor and not others?
If one vendor can come why not others?
Is it fair for the participating sponsors not to be invited to also promote there items?

We keep mentioning rules but what exactly are the rules? My understanding of a frag swap is
for members to unit and trade and buy corals from each other. Personally I thing we have
Enough people that attend our frag swaps that we usually come across very nice frags.

I also believe that if we want vendors to attend our frag meets to see items we should
have a completely separate event for this. In all fairness we can host a vendor swap where
Michigan Reefers hosts an all vendor swap and they can promote their items. This is something
We can arrange later in the year.

In my eyes our meets are member and sponsor based....... This is my 2 cents and not my house that this event is based at.

Who agrees or disagrees?
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I agree with Reef120. I can go to the fish store anytime. The point of the event is to meet each other, not to buy from a vender. I think a separate vender day would be a better idea than having them there. Im sure you could purchase rare corals from him any day... so just go do that if he has something you want.

just my 2cents...

So we should have a "Vendor Fest" to take place at a diffrent date? Sounds liek there should be a few speakers at that one. That sounds fair! I understand what your saying about allowing other vendors the ability to come, especially those that signed up with us if there local. Although by adding a "Vendor Fest" then we would have a chance to meet up more often and people could still sell/trade there stuff at these. Just specific events they simply will not be invited, correct? Thats fair. What would be nice is if the vendor brought in new products and informed us on them and maybe even demoed them, lets us mess around with some samples to see if we like it, ie a new type of powerhead, or protein skimmer, etc. At least he would be participating with his clients. All the same, Its a double-bladed knife.

As for those that sell stuff off to the stores, I would hope they get caught and not invited to anymore of these events. If I had bought something and didnt want it you know where it would be posted, right here.

Reef120 Your the moderator, that makes you the boss! Could you slap some rules together and post them so we can comment on them and develop something that works for the us and the vendors. I think having more of these "fests" wouldnt be a bad thing.

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