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Ecotech Mp60 Problems

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Ok, iv had enough with the Mp60s, Anyone else have problems with them? Iv had the MP10, Mp40s no problems. Ecotech has always been there to fix or help with any problems. Until now. Ok so I have 4 Mp60s on my 600 gallon tank. Problem, ever week i need to clean under and aroud the pumps so i unplug them or turn them off. They lose all the programs when i turn them back on. If you Look on the computer they are all greyed out. Look under info in each pump says RF is disabled. Why? And how? Pump comes on and runs but in green mod only. Only way to get them to work is to factory reset each pump, delete each pump in your device list. Search for all pumps, most of the time it only finds 1 or 2 of them. Sometimes you have to search like five times to get them all back in the Device list and then reprogram all 4 powerheads. This has been going on since the first day I bought them. Can anybody offer any help with this. They say it’s some kind a Wi-Fi interference there’s nothing in this house but a computer and a tablet. And 9 Radion Pro 4s, 4 Radion Pro 3s, 4 Mp40s and a L1 pump.
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