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Hey everyone,

I have a few odds and ends for sale. All of the small items can be shipped at no additional cost, overnight in Michigan. The large skimmer must be picked up. I have 8 Vortech Mp40s but am getting rid of a couple. I may have more to sell in the future based on my plans for the large display tank.


-USED EcoTech Marine MP40 Vortech Propeller Pump w/ Wireless EcoSMART Driver(latest model) $325

-USED EcoTech Marine MP40w Vortech Propeller Pump w/ Wireless Driver(GEN2) $300

-Deltec PF509 Calcium Reactor/Media reactor with new pump $150

-Deltec AP902 Protein Skimmer(Up to 700gl) with Mag 9.5 Feed pump $700

The Deltec skimmer can handle anything you throw at it. At my displays peak it handled a full blown 500 gl system with 80 fish. This skimmer used to retail for $2000+

Im still debating on if im going to be taking my large display along with me when I move this fall. Im worried about having it stored for up to a year, so it may be up for sale. It is a 72x36x22 custom Rimless tank by Miracles in Glass. It has 3/4 Starphire glass along with a coast to coast external overflow box. It is the best of the best when it comes to an aquarium.

Pictures of it can be found here: Photo Gallery - Rimless Reef

I do accept Paypal. First person to pay for the item gets them.

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