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EGR valves

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Ok I got my car tested (for free hmm wonder how many service centers are going to start giving this for free). The error came up with EGR Valve excessive flow. Kinda odd cause I have only seen too little flow. Anyways this happened to me 4 yrs ago but it said little flow. the dealer ended up changing the sensor and the valve. Should I do that again? I will change it myself now that I know more about what I am doing and what an egr valve is hehe. being and industrial mechanic doesnt mean I can fix cars right but I can get by on the little stuff :D . Anyways what do you guys think? Should I replace both?
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I will check TSB" technical Service Bullitns" when I get to work in the morning but ...... my guess is a chunk of carbon is holding the valve open since it fails closed. I would start by taking the valve off and cleaning it out. That 1" pipe goes down to the exhaust pipe behind the motor if I remember..... be carefull when you take that nut off the EGR valve so you dont twist the pipe and break it down below..... THAT will be a fun job:D

Well I didnt find any TSB's related to the EGR.

do you have the actual CODE they pulled ?

I would not use channel locks on that pipe its pretty thin and I would use the right sized wrench on the nut or the good old metric adjustable "crescent wrench". just watch that pipe and make shure its not trying to rotate, it realy shouldnt but just be carefull.


BTW I wouldnt worry about the battery ..... it will relearn as you drive it
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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