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Elos ATO Feedback

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I'm thinking of getting this. anyone have any feed back one this. looks like its just what ya need if you're going on vacation several times at the end of summer ;). no moving parts sound like a giant weight off your back too.

my main concern is how many feet of head pressure can this pump handle? i noticed one with a similar pump that could handle 50ft of head pressure, which is wayyyyy more than enough for me, if this one can get 10ft i would be more than safe buying this as my ato.

well let me know what you think.

here's the link

Elos Digital OsmoController Auto Top Off Water Level Controller - English
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u can get a basic one with 2 switches pretty cheap and is all u need i use a cheap small pump and ignore head preasures because it dont matter how fast it will fill it up but u can save alot of money here AutoTopoff.com
A little worried about float switches. And i do need to worry about head pressure it has to go up 4 feet.

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to be honest i used one of these for 2 years no no problems 4ft with any 130 gph pump is what i used the 2nd switch is a shut off if the first one gets stuck but as long as u clean it every month or so its no problem was looking at the $$ differance is all but they work fine
im considering everything, but its not just cleaning it, what about snails, they show up everywhere in my tank. so if it got stuck on i could potentially be dumping 30 gal of fresh water into my sump causing a flood and this one wouldn't turn the pump off for an empty reservoir and burn the pump up. i'm willing to spend 4 times as much to be sure.
WOW $200 for a ATO?

:no: just get some float switches.
well it comes with its own pump so you figure a jbj and decent pump already runs you over $100. called Elos asked about head pressure and its max is 7ft, which i only need 4.25'. has no moving parts so salt creep and snails and everything else aren't a problem like they are with floats, plus if my reservoir goes dry or the pump malfunctions or there is a kink in the line it will stop pumping and signal that there is something wrong to prevent damages. also has a manual switch for water changes.

i dunno, seems very convenient to me and almost worth the extra $100.

also i read about autotopoff.com. not gonna buy from them, i read about a 2 week old unit flooding a basement and caused $3000 in damages, all the customer wanted was his money back for the unit, and all the owner would do was email instructions on how to fix it. ( its a 2 week old unit, shouldn't have to be fixed)
u can buy tge snail guard there also or make one from pvc to cover the switch
its easy for someone who is mad to say they had ot for 2 weeks but in reality we only know what they told u but they probably left out the part ware they never cleaned em had a single switch so back up wasnt there to stop pump ect cant always beleive what some one who is already mad has typed unfortunatly we live in a dishonest world these days with only a few good seeds left :(
My comment was more on the customer service. Ive read on several other sites where a elos ato was acting up and elos replaced no questioned asked.

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Im using a autotopoff.com dual switch rig and have never had any issues with it in my sump.

They are DIY so the guy with the issue might have read the instructions backwords...

But you do have a point on the convenience of the auto water change functionality.
Im just gonna buy an elos ato when my group buy starts at brs. Its pretty much the same cost as the tunze osmolator that alot if people.swear by except i dont have to worry about the infrared eye failing and it has more functionality. Thanks to those who made suggestions, even those of you who brought up autotopoff.com. I was hoping to get someone who has used an elos before but i guess they are not as popular as i thought. Or even some feed back on a tunze.

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