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I am posting just trying to help this guy out, sounds like the clock is ticking if anyone is looking for some larger fish... PLEASE DO NOT PM ME, call the number below

I had a 180 Gallon Salt Water Set-up. As of 9:15 am on Sunday Jan 20th, the front of the tank blew out. I just do not have the money to go out and buy a new tank right now, so I need to get rid of everything FAST!!!! The fish are in a small tank right now, and stable. I have hundreds and hundreds of pounds
of live rock, all in buckets of salt water right now. The fish- A VERY NICE HUGE Unicorn Tang...about 12 inches long. A BIG French Angel, A Blue Face Angel, and a Purple Tang. I had a small Blue Damsel, but can not find him....must have went down the drain with the water. Also have lots of really good base sand, a huge pump, Etc, Etc Etc......

I do not want to give the stuff away, But I will accept any reasonable offer. PLEASE CAll ASAP!!! Will piece out if need be. Mark- 734-260-3751. I am at 7 Mile Rd and Newburgh.
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