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Emperor Angel and Bak Pak for sale

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Emperor Angel for sale

As much as it kills me I just don't have the room for my pride and joy fish any longer. The Emperor is approx 5" long and I am asking $50. The Bak Pak is in good shape, Comes with a RIO pump and I am asking $40. I am in Warren.

Skimmer is spoken for.
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how quick do ya have to get rid of the angel. I am still debating on whether my 180 will be FO or mixed. That is one of the angels I would be interested in... if I go FO my tank is still cycling and it will be at least another week. Just coming down from the ammonia spike.
NP don't wait for me I probably shouldn't put that kind of fish in a newly established tank... even though it will have all my old sump and fuge from other setup.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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