300 gallon set up, 7 foot long 2 foot tall 3 foot deep. Entire set up on an oak stand and canopy top is 6 foot tall. Led lights 300 pounds of live rock 11 fish. One clown trigger one large dog face puffer one large rock beauty angel. Two lemon peel angels. Two green chromis Pair of black and white clowns. One royal gramma One Caribbean Tang i’ll fish I’ve been in my tank a minimum of three years. Also I have 60 gallon tank for water changes. I have a 45 gallon 3 chamber rimless tank for acclamation or hospitalization. Tank has sump 1 hp pump, UV sterilizer., And protein skimmer. Also have ro unit. I have enjoyed the hobby for over 40 years but it is time for me to get out. Really want to sell the entire set up together