Reef Octopus BR-1000 in sump space saving bio pellet reactor. includes 2 pumps, 20" tall x 6" dia. Recomended for 150 to 250 gallon tank. $125

Euroreef RS 135 older model with upgraded Sicce needle wheel pump. zero clearance cup removal, silent operation. As you can see in the pic still bubbles out some serious gunk. 24" x 6" body, 10 x 11.5" foot print $75

large aquaripure denitrater filter, 26" tall, can be used on any size tank up to 250 gallon. $25 This works great to lower tough nitrates in a large fresh or saltwater system.

Diy T5 brkt, has two 48" ati blue plus bulbs with reflectors powered by a work horse 7 ballast. made with 3/4 aluminum angle. I laid it on my reefbreders light for hybrid lighting addition . $25

I could use a used DC pump 2000 gph or more.

Pickup in Lapeer or Holly Grand Blanc area. It would be best if you text me for questions 810 834 7764.