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equipment for sale

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I have the following for sale

ASM G4 Plus Massive skimmer with Sedra 9000 (needs pump end cap) $125

OZONE GENERATOR OZAC-PLUS 100 Only 4 months old $150
(this thing will make your water perfectly clear)

BIO-CUBE 32 Gal LED and stand bought in November set up in January $300
with a small bucket of redsea salt
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G4 Plus Skimmer

Is the asm g4 still available ?

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YES, PM me a phone number for pics.
Enaly Ozone Generator OZAC-PLUS 100
Enaly Ozone Generator OZAC-PLUS 100
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List has been updated
Just curious (never seen a 3 can RO/DI unit), where is the RO? I see a sediment filter, carbon filter, and what looks like DI resin.
Not that it matters as its been sold. But the RO filter is under the DI filter they clip together.
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