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Equipment for sale

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Made some upgrades, clearing out extra stuff!

-Orbit Marine 4ft LED light bar $30

-4 bulb 4ft Odyssea T5 HO light fixture with moonlights and integrated 2 channel controller with extra ballast and ATI bulbs. Light has been disassembled and wiring has been checked/fixed.

-RapidLED Onyx light setup. Lights have 3 color channels: blue/white/RG+UV. Package includes 3 good lights and a spare for parts (4 total) power supplies, 3 channel dimmer, 24 hr ramp timer, all needed cabling and custom mounts, and 2 blue LED light bars for moonlights. Currently running on a 60x24x24 150G growing SPS, LPS, Softies and Nems wonderfully. Selling because I am switching to Kessil's to match my other tanks. SOLD

-Reefbrite XHO 24in light bars $60 each

-Evergrow 50/50 46in light bar open box, but brand new SOLD

Skimz monster E-series SM161 protein skimmer, less than 12mo old, worked great but my system is too big and I had to empty it daily. Rated for 120gal-300gal I am almost 400. Easy to tune, clean, and empty. SOLD

All prices are OBO, don't be afraid to make an offer, also open to coral trades, need to make space! Happy to make a package deal, great stuff to get a new system setup on the cheap! Text for pics
-Bryan 248. 444556zero
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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