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Here is a list of equipment laying around that I'm not using. I can ship or i can bring equipment with me to the lansing swap if prepaid. Willing to trade for a led light for a frag tank or corals/clams/inverts.

Tunze misc. Bundle
(2) 6100 pumps with bad drivers. One has a 7410.602a power disk the other has a 6200.800a and (2) 6091 Controllers $40

CPR old style 800gph HOB overflow with lid and aqua lifter (new diaphragm) $50

Coralife 250 calcium reactor (leaks, needs a new o-ring on the pump housing) pump works, would make a good denitrator reactor $35

Marineland 36" reef led (only used for a couple months) $70

Trigger system calcium reactor (similar setup as a korallin 1502, but a couple inches bigger in diameter) no pump $150. Can include a sicce 1.5 pump for $30. You do the plumbing.

Carbondoser electronic co2 regulator (has rust on top of the gages, but its only cosmetic) $200

Two little fishes reborn calcium reactor media (new, unopened) $20

Can bundle the trigger systems calcium reactor with regulator and reborn for $325

Ozone bundle
Sander 25 model (works, but no back cover), sander 50 model (nonworking may just need a new cartridge), a UV ozone generator by ozopure, a empty air dryer camber, TLF 150 reactor filled with bio balls (made to be a ozone reactor), and another TLF 150 reactor for carbon $60

Reef octopus skimmer HOB older style BH100 rated up to 100 gallons (missing air intake valve) $60

Vertex aquaristik uf15 reactor (setup for bio pellets) $65
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I can bring equipment with me to the Lansing swap.
Calcium reactor do you have the complete plug and play setup?
I to am looking for a led puck or can type Kessle led for my nano
I have a jbj 28 gal nano old style with pc's that don't work anymore and my 7 and 5 year old want me to get it going my 120 doesn't seem to spark the imagination lol..lmk if your list is still the same or if you sold stuff at the swap really wanted to go to that found out last minute and couldn't swing it. Bummer I have been in this hobbie for a while and now my 22 year old son bought a nano and has been bit a lot of my gear that was stored got broken somehow like my refractor salinity reader and a lot of my testing agents along with my PO 4 meter hope it's just the battery. Oh well lmk what you have left going to start over all sps tank may use my ati powermodules 8x80 watt or the 10x60 watt if I can get the new ballast in. Those I would love to use on a 4 foot tank by 12 deep for frags my end game hopefully this year learned a lot after loosing 7 k to aefw 2 years ago going on Three years so it's been a while .sorry for going on mind just gets going when I start thinking sps..
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Not sure what you mean about plug in play, The trigger system calcium reactor does not have a pump. I can include the sicce pump for extra, but you have to do the plumbing. Everything is still for sale.
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