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Here is a list of equipment laying around that I'm not using. I can ship or i can bring equipment with me to the lansing swap if prepaid. Willing to trade for a led light for a frag tank or corals/clams/inverts.

Tunze misc. Bundle
(2) 6100 pumps with bad drivers. One has a 7410.602a power disk the other has a 6200.800a and (2) 6091 Controllers $40

CPR old style 800gph HOB overflow with lid and aqua lifter (new diaphragm) $50

Coralife 250 calcium reactor (leaks, needs a new o-ring on the pump housing) pump works, would make a good denitrator reactor $35

Marineland 36" reef led (only used for a couple months) $70

Trigger system calcium reactor (similar setup as a korallin 1502, but a couple inches bigger in diameter) no pump $150. Can include a sicce 1.5 pump for $30. You do the plumbing.

Carbondoser electronic co2 regulator (has rust on top of the gages, but its only cosmetic) $200

Two little fishes reborn calcium reactor media (new, unopened) $20

Can bundle the trigger systems calcium reactor with regulator and reborn for $325

Ozone bundle
Sander 25 model (works, but no back cover), sander 50 model (nonworking may just need a new cartridge), a UV ozone generator by ozopure, a empty air dryer camber, TLF 150 reactor filled with bio balls (made to be a ozone reactor), and another TLF 150 reactor for carbon $60

Reef octopus skimmer HOB older style BH100 rated up to 100 gallons (missing air intake valve) $60

Vertex aquaristik uf15 reactor (setup for bio pellets) $65
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I can bring equipment with me to the Lansing swap.
Not sure what you mean about plug in play, The trigger system calcium reactor does not have a pump. I can include the sicce pump for extra, but you have to do the plumbing. Everything is still for sale.
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