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everything must go for now

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everything sold thank you to everyone
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pm sent

question what size tank did you house these fish in? is it for sale too?
what your number i want that purple tang and blue hippo tang and some rock

plz give me a call abt th live rock 517 610 1776 bob
quick bump for ya.......i am really happy with the LR Mike , couldn't be happier except if I would have gotten those two masterpiece rocks in your tank......but really though its a catch 22 watching your tank being taken apart, I love the fact that I am getting a great deal but sad to see such a beautiful tank be taken apart. hope too see you again in the future for some trades or to sell you back something to help you out when you get the chance to get back into reefing. good luck in your pursuit of happiness and thanks again
few things left

bump to the top please make offer on items

only thing left is the hippo and the sailfin please make me a offer willing to let these go for just about nothing
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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