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Fahrenheit 9/11

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If you have not seen this film let me just say your missing somethig!

We saw it last night and it is compelling if nothing else.

The interveiws with Mrs Liscomb about the war and the young people dying over there are intense
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ofblong said:
what the movie doesnt show is what really happens over there in iraq. it doesnt show that 90%(I am probably off on this figure but you get the idea) of the iraqi's are actually glad to see us.
Where did you hear that, Fox News?
It makes bush look worse than he really is.
I question whether that is possible
It is a very poor portrayal of what things are really like. it only shows the bad and none of the good. There is more good going on than bad. Even the news makes it sound worse than it really is.
It may be one sided, showing only the bad, but that doesn't make the wrong's right. Enron did some things right, so did the Soviet Union under communism, so does Cuba today. The fact that Cuba has the best third world health care in Latin America doesn't make their evil acceptable.
John Kerry does not get my vote. He is a bigger liar and cheat than bush is.
At least you admit Bush is a liar and a cheat.
i know the movie isnt about just iraq but you know what im saying.
The movie is pretty much just about Iraq and 9/11
To me Kerry is another al gore just waiting to take our guns and rights away from us.
That sounds like paranoia. We all know that when nuclear weapons are outlawed only outlaws will have them. I'm building a WMD in my basement cause its my constitutional right.
To further point out how biased or delusional you are, Bush used 9/11 to take away many of our rights with the patriot act. The supreme court just had to tell him that he can't call me an enemy combatant and hold me forever without trial. If you're worried about losing rights, worry about Republicans, cause soon we'll all pray to Jesus and won't be allowed abortions.
I dont want this country to end up like australia. Australia banned all guns and in so doing crime went up over 300%. Most of that is rapings and theft.
What you are leaving out is how much lower than ours their crime rate is even after a 300% increase that may be from other causes, but I won't argue that here.
sorry I about the rambling. I just wish the movie would have shown at least the good stuff happening(which there is alot) instead of nothing but the bad stuff. I guess the best way to describe the movie is that it is biased.
I just wish it hadn't left out the tremendous damage to the nation's future from a tax cut that went mostly to the wealthy, sadling us with huge deficits, as far as the eye can see... The lies about social security...
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