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Premium Aquatics is back at it again this weekend, here in Edinburgh, our little piece of the ocean!* We have received a couple of really great shipments this week with some stunners for each of YOUR little pieces of the ocean.* The coral frag section was re-stocked in the LPS tank and there are some hidden gems in there.* These are priced at a 2 for $20 special this weekend so hurry in to check those out.* The LPS colonies were stocked up with trachy corals, duncans, brain coral, a cynarina, torch coral, and a special RASTA Torch that is priced to move!* The fish selection is looking amazing as well with some great deals.*

As always, click the link for the full availability but here are some highlights:
Yellow Coral Beauty
Flame Angels
Midas Blennies
Blood Shrimp and Cleaner Shrimp
Black-fin Fairy Wrasse
XL Bella Sleeper Gobies
Blue Scaled Fairy Wrasse
Falco, Pixie and Long Nose Hawkfish
Yellow Watchman, Diamond Watchman and Wheeler Watchman Gobies
Powder Brown Tang
Snails and crabs re-stocked


There are also so many great deals out in the livestock room, we are busting through the seams!* Sand, salt, additives, coral foods and lots more at HUGE discounts!* Check out the Sale and Clearance section before you come in and save big on your favorite brands.* See the link below for those deals, and the metal rack at the front entrance of the livestock room for more savings.* See you this Saturday 10.19.19 from 12pm to 3pm!**
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