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Finally!! Have the Sump/Refugium Completed!!

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Well, its been slow going trying to find the time to get this long needed project completed.
But finally I've got it together.
Now the big job....Getting it under the tank.
I've got the same problems as everyone else in regards to modifying my stand temporarily to fit this under!

Anyway....No need to babble.
Just take a look..Sure hope this helps the health of my tank!!

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Maybe a few better shots would be nice!!!


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looks good.
Yeah, looks very nice. You sure put alot of work into it!
Why bother with the bio-balls? What is the overflow-type box in the opposite corner of the skimmer? Can you talk us through the flow to get a better understanding of how you put it together? Thanks.
The bio balls ar for nothing more than to diffuse air bubbles that are created from the tank overflow & skimmer.
These will be submerged so bacteria should not be able to grow etc. etc.

Hmmm...How it works...
I guess as you now know the flow from the tank will be directed into where the bio ball are.
Then the water will spill over the 1st baffle at the right side (approx 5" opening.)
The water will then be directed thru the refug (1st to the left and then to the right) (the fuge is divided in half) to give more time for the water to pass over the calupera.
Then the water will spill into the corner overflow where the return (Mag 7) will be placed.

I hope this makes sense!?!?

Anyway, should work. I think?
So the "dirty" water starts in the bio balls and overflows to the skimmer section. Some of the "dirty" water will get picked up by the skimmer pump and some will flow to the fuge area. The "clean" water from the skimmer dumps back into the bio balls and mixes with the "dirty" and repeats.....Wouldn't it be better to return the clean water to the fuge section?

I never seen the "S" curve in a fuge before but it sounds cool.

The bio balls are going to collect dietrus (sp?) eventually so you may want to reconsider. I'm sure they won't hurt at the beginning though.

I'd love to see it in action.
I agree with your thoughts about the clean water from the skimmer returning to the fuge.
I will make this adjustment.
The skimmer return is easily moved!

Just some clarification on the water coming from the tank. This water is dumped on the bioballs and passed thru them underneath the corner section is about 2" to the bottom of the tank. The water shouldn't overflow it supposed to flow thru. (Hope this makes sense)

The thoughts on the bioballs...
I had my wet/dry setup for over a year with water from the return line dumping right on top of them. I never got a buildup, however I will keep my eye on this for the future as this could be a source of nitrite in that case!!

I got the idea about the 'S' curve refug from some sump I came across at Atlantis.
I liked this cause of the size constraints I had to deal in my stand.
The theory of increased contact time with the algae/waterflow sounded good to me.

I can't wait to see it in action too!!
Maybe this weekend.
More pics to follow.
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