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I just received this refugium in the mail today. The construction it very nice and the baffles are great. For the price it definitely beats a DIY ac70, but the pump is TERRIBLE. On their site it says 4-5 GPH so I didn't expect much, but there is no way this thing is even putting out that much, It is barley trickling. It uses an air pump here is the setup:


I have some tubing laying around and extra pumps, so figured id do a little modifying. But none of the pumps have an intake that can fit a tube around it, tried with a pico hydro and some off brand pump. Every pump I have seen has an intake like this:


Has anyone modded this refugium? or recommendations on how I should do this? a pump? any help would be great because I dont think the chaeto, lr, and ls enjoy having no flow. Thanks.

Here is link to the refugium:
External HOB Refugium / Breeder
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