Been trying to hold out to move these guys into their new tank, but the parts are taking too long to arrive. They've been in a small holding tank for two months now; and I don't have the patience to keep up with the maintenance that this tiny tank requires.

Picasso Clown - $30
Water Underwater Fin Fluid Fish

Onyx Clown - $30
Water anemone fish clownfish Vertebrate Fin

Blue Chromis - $5

CUC (astrea snails x4, trochus x2, cerith x2, nassarius x4, hermits x3) - $20

I will warn that the astrea are carrying some algae around on their shells. All of the other inverts are clean.

I've also got a small colony of fruit loop zoas and a medium size colony of dragon fur. The zoas are on a single small rock. The GSP is on two frags which have been sitting on a frag rack; and have started encrusting together and along the rack and glass.

Fruit Loop Zoas - $20
Dragon Fur GSP - $25

Not in a rush to sell, but if you want to make an offer, I'll at least hear it. I'd just rather see these guys in a good system, than suffering in my basement in a 10 gallon tank while I wait on parts to arrive. Inbox me. I check my messages frequently.