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Fish Feeder, Skimmer, 50/50 PC lights and Ballasts

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Fish Feeder - $10
Skimmer - $30
2 55w Ballasts and 50/50 Lights - $30

Skimmer was used for 2 days.
Lights have 2 weeks of use on them, ballasts are brand new and I have wiring so you can plug them in.

Sorry for the huge pics...Also I am located in Clarkston and will be moving back to East Lansing in the end of August.

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i just got the lights and skimmer from joe , want to say it was nice to deal with you.hope you do well with the tank.if you every get in to reef you know who to call for frags.
thanks mike
Thanks mike...great deal...I really appreciate the help.

Skimmer and Lights - SOLD
Fish Feeder - Still For Sale
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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