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Fish Grand Rapids

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I have a few fish I am willing to part with..
1- 8 Lined wrasse for $18 worth 30+ about 4" reef safe so far housed with a pair of clowns, scooter blenny and a tang all get along
2- a "pair" of "nemo" false clowns under 2 inches a pc. I have 2 pairs... want set of maroons For 25.00 dont want to seperate
1- Orange spotted shrimp goby about 4 inches(no shrimp)15.00 pd 30 vipets cutlerville
Let me know obo/trades?, Katherine
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The eight line wrasse is like a rainbow I guess it a way to explain it.. I didnt know eight lines came in any specific color... yellow,orange,red, green hes got about every color in him. Katherine
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