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Fish, inverts, corals, live rock

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FREE LIVE SAND to anyone who wants it, even just take a cup to seed your tank with lots of critters, I have mini brittle stars, pods galore, baby snails,astrea stars, etc, and tons of hermit shells of various sizes if you need/want them.

1 bangaii cardinal $15

2 small green anemones with pink tips $10 each

red/orange/ green scoly- $50

neon green hairy mushroom rock $20 for the rock, numerous mushrooms on there

green striped with orange rim chalice- $35

Also, this isn't whoever messages me first for sure gets it, it's whoever shows up with cash at my door first. :nhl_checking:
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Could you post some pictures of the flame angel and wrasses?
Interested in the hippo tang, does it have any sign of lateral line disease? Also interested in the fairy wrasse.

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Pm sent, waiting to hear from you.
Holy pm's batman!

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[/COLOR]Oh and B.Y.O.B. (buckets or bags....)

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[/COLOR]I updated the top of this thread of what's sold, and whats left, MINUS corals! Will be adding them in the next hour!

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Adding pics of corals right now to top of thread! Give me about 10 min!
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PM sent

Hi has everything sold? Sent Pm and left voicemail. Interested in mini stars and a cup a sand to give tank a boost and the mushroom rock. Please pm back thanks. Can drive out any day thats good.
Updated thread, please read first post for what's left.
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