$475 package. Fish for sale are
1)4.5”yellow tang
1)8-9” orange shoulder tang
1)6” desjardini sailfin tang
1)6-7” fox face rabbit fish
There may also be a yellow tail chromis or two in there I’ll just throw in. also included with this deal will be a food/feeder package as well including:
2) programmable rechargeable feeders
1) tdo chroma boost med
1) tdo chroma boost lrg
Purple Font Violet Pink Line
Food Product Material property Font Transparency

1) lrg bag (70 grams?)easy reefs massstick ( best EVER for training picky eaters)
2 )other easy reef food partial containers
1)giant brine frozen flat pack
For the fish I would like $475 and the foods/feeders come with. I would consider a cash/trade for a 32g bio cube. Of course they are camera shy but I can if needed get pics of fish. Also would like to add I’m willing to meet.Text Andrew @ 810 292 9764 thanx