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I***8217;ve finally got around to cleaning out some of my fish room and fish cabinets. Lots of extra miscellaneous stuff for sale that I have acquired through the years. Did my best to price the items fairly, but as I am not quite sure what everything is worth, all prices are OBO so feel free to make offers. I***8217;m hoping to make enough extra cash to buy one of the new Vectra dc return pumps to replace my power hungry reeflo. I***8217;m open to trades but there***8217;s not much I really need. Could use a buch of kent tech-m, prob 2 gallons. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I***8217;m willing to ship almost everything at buyer***8217;s expense. The only things I don***8217;t want to ship are the skimmer and the t5 fixture. I***8217;m free almost every day for pickup.
Salt is not for sale, just forgot to move it while taking pictures.

Reeflo marlin high pressure return pump, $100 OBO. This was my original return pump, ran great for years till the bearings started to go. I pulled it and replaced it with another marlin a few years back. I then disassembled and replaced the bearing and seals. It***8217;s been sitting ever since. When I pulled the motor halves to replace the bearing my bearing puller cracked the plastic governor mechanism in the motor. I epoxied it back together and it works fine. Because of this, I would not use this as a return pump. My plan was to use it as a salt mixing and transfer pump but I haven***8217;t got around to that project and I plan to replace my other marlin so I***8217;ll take that one and use it for my mixing station. Ill include the PVC fittings shown.

Update- Opened the pump to get the part number of the broken part for someone who was interested. Since the hard part is opening the pump I left it open. If someone is interested in the pump, I can order the $30.00 part and fix it for them. Cost will be increased to $150 to account for repair costs and time.

Miscellaneous used ATI 48in t5s, free with purchase. Sold! Each bulb was used for approx. 6-8 months. Should have some life left in them. Great if you want to try out different colors. I believe I have every color except for maybe purple plus, although there might be one or two in the pile.

48in two bulb t5 fixture with brand new bulbs, $75 OBO. Price drop $60, has $40 of new bulbs in it. Nice t5 fixture, planned to hang it with my ati sunpower but never got around to doing it. Replaced the bulbs the last time I changed my main bulbs. Has brand new ATI blue plus and actinic, less than 10min on these bulbs.


SWC skimmer for parts or project, $50 OBO. Price drop $40. My old SWC skimmer, worked great for years. The skimmer body is in great condition and is complete. The problem with this skimmer is that it has a PSk 2500 pump. The pump is garbage, just do a google search. The PSk2500 has startup problems and loves to eat up the bearings on the ceramic shafts. Skimmer will include a bunch of pump parts including two motor cores, stock wheel, red devil wheel (missing a few prongs from shoving screw driver in it to restart it), a mesh wheel, and ceramic shafts. The pump volute is pretty beat up from me wrenching on it. Could be brought back to life with a new shaft with bearings (remember them being $25). I got sick and tired of messing with the thing. If the power ever quit it would shut off and would take hours to get it started again. Last time it happened I just upgraded to a sro5000 and never looked back. Would be a killer skimmer with a new pump, maybe a bubble blaster 3000 or one of the new PSk1000 pumps that was designed to replace the psk2500.

Milwaukee PH meter without probe, $30 OBO.Price drop $20. Works great. Has power adaptor, no probe.

2 Knopp calcium reactors with Milwaukee co2 controller, solenoid, ¾ full container of media, and a approx. ¼ container of mag media, $100 OBO. Sold! These are still hanging on the wall in my fish room. They Work great and kept up with my 120gal system fine. Most my sps died off when I had problems a few months ago so these have been sitting closed. I have been using them with the first reactor being the main chamber and the second reactor acting as a scrubber. I used silicone to put a pinpoint ph probe into the top of the first reactor to use with the ph controller. I also broke the bubble counter of the second one, but I still have it and will include it with the sale. Doesn***8217;t affect the operation if you use the second as a scrubber and could easily be fixed if you want to use them separate. Ill include a 7 and a 4 calibration solution to calibrate the ph probe.



Ice cap 430 ballast with harness and endcaps, $30 OBO. Price drop $20. This has been sitting in my cabinet for a long time. Worked when I put it away years ago. Ill also include the harness with endcaps. I***8217;m not sure if the harness goes to this ballast, but ill include it for parts.

Miscellaneous pumps, powerheads, and wave maker, $20 OBO. Price drop $10. Most are maxijets, 1 korallia that works and is soaking in vinegar, and a dual port wave maker. I***8217;m not sure all the pumps work, I***8217;m sure some are broken but could be repaired.

API master test kit, expires in 2018, $5 OBO.

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Its a little hard to explain. Everything in the pump head itself is in great condition, I replaced the seals when I did the bearings. What I broke is the plastic push plate that is used in the 1800 rpm motor governor. It has a device that spins on the rotor with weights, which is connected to a push plate that closes a set of contacts giving power to the stator. When the motor is under 1800 rpm the plate pushes forward closing the contacts and when it is above 1800 it opens till the motor slows down then closes. I broke the little plastic plate that pushes the contacts. I epoxied it back together and it works. I remember when I fixed it I thought about buying that part (its made my a different company), and I was able to find it on ebay for around $30.00 if I remember correctly. Could be easily fixed. I didn't want to spend the $30 since I was just keeping it as a salt mix/backup pump. I assume that if the part were to crack while the pump was on that the either it would shut down since it would not close the contacts or it would continue to function as normal. The pump should be fine if used as a return pump, I just wanted to mention it. I'm not the kind of person who would push it under the rug and try to sell it as "like new". I looked through my old photos and was able to find a pic of the rotor.


Its the piece in the photo sitting between the bearing (bearing in the photo is the old bearing, they were both replaced) and the metal peice with the weights on it. Its connected to the weighted piece with 3 small metal spring pieces.
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