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Fish to add to a nano cube?

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Hi, so i recently figured that i cant have tang's in a nano cube <-- retarted of me right? wells... you live and you learn.... but if anyone could name some fish that would go good in my tank let me know... its a reef tank. THANKS!!
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Live aquaria has a section for "nano" fish. Highly recommend starting there!

how big is your "Nano" ????
I have two nano tanks one has a pair of snowflake clowns, nalolo blenny, yellow clown goby and a pair of high fin gobies (barbershop) in my zoa tank I have a helfrichi firefish, swissguard basslet, tailspot blenny, blue stripe pipefish and a barnacle blenny. Just giving you ideas, you just need to study temperments and take into consideration tank size.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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