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Figured since I can't get my wife to make an account on here I'd post pics of her Fluval evo. It's a work in progress, and just finished a fallow period, so had been pretty neglected. She finally got the fish moved back in a couple days ago.

The tank has in InTank media holder for chamber 1, running chemipure elite and filter floss. Chamber 2 is filled with rock rubble and has the heater. Return pump was upgraded to a Sicce syncra silent 1.0. The powerhead is an AI Nero 3, and the tank is lit by an AI Prime 16HD. Lid was replaced from the stock lid to a mesh lid from Kraken Reef.

Current livestock include 2 midnight lightning ocellaris clownfish, 2 red firefish, some snails and hermit crabs, a few different mushrooms, GSP, a purple photosynthetic gorgonian, a Cyphastrea on the back wall, and a Platygyra brain coral. She plans on adding a bunch of zoas and micro lords.

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