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Fishlist for my big tank

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I am setting up a large tank (10ft 560g) in a few months.

The tank will be a mixed reef and I like peaceful smaller fish. I have put together a list of fish I think would make a good mix in a large reef tank.

I hope to do some of the live rock in a way that will hide small shrimp and crabs from passive predators.

I made the list based on realistic fish, not uber rare, or ultra expensive fish that only extreme collectors could find. Don't get me wrong, I hope to aquire some really nice rare fish, but not right away.

Take a look at my list, and tell me what you would add or take away and why... This is my dream build, and I want to get it right the first time!

I should note that I have been into reefing for many years, and have had a very wide range of aquariums. as of recently I was maintaining 15 saltwater aquariums in my house including fish onlly, aggressive, mixed reef, and species tanks (I had a tank with a mantis shrimp and a huge 16inch bristleworm)... long story short, I am prepared to go beyond the normal needs of average fish.

Here is my list... let me know what you think

Bartletts Anthias

Gold Assessor Basslet

Longnose Batfish (Expert Level)

Midas Blenny
White Algae Blenny
Orangethroat Pikeblenny

Either the Cubicus or Longhorn Cowfish (Toxic)

Pyramid Butterfly
Schooling Bannerfish Butterfly (several of them!)

Bangaii Cardinal (maybe a small school)

Blue/green Chromis (school of 12 or so)

Occy or Perc Clowns (school of something cool...)

Either Purple firefish or Helfrichi dartfish (small school)

Spotted Madarin Dragonet

Magnificent Foxface Rabbitfish

Catalina Goby
Diamond Watchman Goby
Neon Gobies
Orange stripe prawn Goby
Yellow stripe clingfish

Blue dot jawfish

Yellow leaf fish

Yellow Belly Regal Tangs (small school)
Powder Blue Tangs (small school)
Naso Blonde (lipstick tang)
Vlamingii Tang

Cleaner Wrasse
Christmas Wrasse
Checkerboard Wrasse
Vroliks Wrasse

What would you add or take away???
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Great list of fish. Too bad on the Catalina Goby, I wanted one in my tank too until I seen they are a cooler water fish of around 68 degrees:( What about some type of eel (Garden eel or Zebra eel) or Pipe fish to add to the variety and texture of life.
Already have a 5kw gen ready to go if ever in need. Made sure to get that one years ago... ever try to use a gallon pitcher to keep 15 tanks aerated over night during a power outage? I have, and bought a generator pretty quick!

Tangs are very pretty, but they are finicky little jerks and many of them are just too aggressive for my taste. I really love the sohal, and the clown but I would be spear fishing in a matter of days if not hours. I'm the crazy guy diving in the tank to chase my aggressive fish with my hands barking like dogs... lol, I think I get my stressed than my poor little non aggressive fish do :nhl_checking:

I think a spear might be on my shopping list for this tank... :butcher: aggressive fish BEWARE!!!
Great post! lol I could only imagine trying to get a fish out of a tank this size. And you probably made one of the best purchases ever when picking up the gen. I still need to get one myself.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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