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foxface acclimation

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I recently had a small foxface killed via powerhead in my reef after 6 long weeks in qt. While in qt the fish showed no signs of illness or disease.

I purchased a slightly larger foxface lo from the same LFS who was alert and active, took the fish home acclimated him to ph-adjusted water and freshwater dipped him using a little bit of melafix and added him directly to my reef.

I usually qt everything, but was a little frustrated because of the death and took into account the dependibility of quality of the fish i purchased from my LFS (no problems or deaths), the freshwater dip, low stocking, low aggresion tank, and Robert Fenner belief in risk of damage to this particular species during transport and retrasport. (wetwebmedia.com's forum on rabbitfish).

I guess I am seeking info on the dumbness of this act. Any foxface owner here do the same thing. I am sweating bullets because I went against my qt all fish belief. I hope the fish gods are looking down on me with mercy. Hopefully the fish will eat today.
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I have had several Foxface over the years. They tend to be a little skitish. They love green and red seaweed. I never qt a fish I also wait a month or two before making the purchase. I use the buy and hold method a it seems to work. Foxface need a lot of hiding places and they will do just fine. I treat mine just like a Yellow or Purple tang. Be carefull when feeding that you do not get stung (painfull as h---). Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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