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Frag swap at Mustang's May 15th 2004

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This is just to start a new thread so we can discuss the details
I will plan on having Hamburgers, hotdogs and a salad. If anyone would like to bring stuff thats fine but not required.

I might talk With John our Masm pres and see if we can also tie in our meeting and maybe even bring a speaker in to talk
Do the frag swap early and have a speaker later in th day we will see

The Midwest Marine Conference isn't looking to good right now we are having trouble getting speakers for the April 17th date
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Count me in also...........
Be there or be square, man.

(That was from the 70's, wasn't it?)

It seems so long ago...damn I'm old!!!!

See ya there Mike!

I think a halloween dress-up swap sounds like a good idea...just have to find the room to hold one! Anyone else care to host?!?! You can have my idea, I don't hold any copyrights.....
I was only fortunate enought to expirance 1 1/2 years of the 70s, but for some reason, I'm pretty sure I got more pairs of bell bottoms then most the people on this board. O'well, atleast I'm spendin my money on coral now instead of your old a$$ clothes...he he he

Ya, I'm there with a fist full of frags (this time) and a soda keg (as long as they make it thru house warming).
The 70s, sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Spent my whole teen years in the 70s. I'll be at the swap.
I was a teen child of the 80's (Flock of Seagulls ROCKS!!!) <---JK, BTW! But the 70's....ah, I remember them fondly. Many memories and some pix of FRIGHTENING outfits my parents used to dress me in.

I won't wear any of them to the swap, I promise!
I particularily remember plaid polyester pants (have pictures to prove it) with the fake crease down the middle. That was fashion baby! Ewww...when we have no choice but to submit to what our parents make us wear! [(] Frankly, I am not for reliving the 70's.

I hope to be there too, but probably won't be selling this time around.
A quick update we are going to combine MASM's May meeting with the frag swap. This means we will bring in a speaker. I am trying to get Joe Yaiullo, Atlantis Marine World out of NY
He setup and runs a 20,000 g Reef tank and has a nice presentation about it.
Here is a pic of him and his tank

If that doesn't work out I will have to find a diffrent speaker to fly in but we will see

I figure we can have the swap, then have the speaker to end the day YES? NO?
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Sounds good to me. Anyone who can run a tank like that I'd like to hear what he has to say about this hobby, cause he's obviously doing something right!!
I'd definately like to hear what he has to say! I am there!

Sounds like a great time. I am in for sure. Also, the bubble coral is doing great. Thanks again.

Sorry for the newbie question, I am new, and don't really have anything to swap. Will you guys there be selling any?
I think he has too many fish!! Those are all chromis and damsels, right?

(Of course I'm joking here.) 20,000g is awesome!
I'm curious as to whether or not its ok to come without any frags. This will be my first swap and I don't have anything to trade yet but would like to come to see if there is anything I would like to buy from anyone. Is this ok?

Anyone & everyone are invited!! (Even vendors (house rules!!)) Just bring yourself and meet the crazy people behind the names.

Will you be having any cool frags to sell yet ?

The guy with a 20,000gal tank,
Is that his tank ? Or is it a tank from a local zoo ? [D] Anyway, it need water change. The water is cloudy !!!!

Oh yeah, when is it going to be ?

For those of you that asked, yes cash is fine.
Mattt, most likley not but we will see most of my stuff is still frags but we will have to see how it grow for the next 2 months
I'll be there...My first swap and meeting. I have about 45 frags (2-4 buttons) of a branching candy cane how many should I bring?
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