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Frag Tank-LED Light- Aqua C Remora - Wavemaker - Koralia's - T5 Light

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Equipment - Everything is cleaned up nicely and ready to be used. I will ship ANYTHING listed, just add $5 or $10 (large/heavy items).

-Koralia Wavemaker Unit - Includes 2-way basic controller with 2 Koralia nano pumps and photo cell (pumps power are reduced when cell notices lights are turned off). I used this for my 34G cube and it worked great. Perfect for nano setup. Retails for about $250 w/photocell. Pumps can be upgraded, just make sure it is compatible with the controller unit. I posed a link below for those who would like to read more about the unit. Also includes original user manual. $[STRIKE]150[/STRIKE]$125
Water Pumps & Powerheads: Hydor Koralia Controllable Pumps & Wavemakers

-72 Watt LED Light. DIY unit made with (18" X 6"?) heatsink, 3 watt/pcs Cree LED's from Rapid LED. Unit contains 12 royal blue and 12 cool white, each on its own DIMMABLE driver. Lenses I believe are 60 degrees. Also includes a DC-01 PWM Controller to have complete control on your color and LED output. Includes (1) cooling fan too. Had this over a 32" long tank and it lit up pretty well. Corals love this light. [STRIKE]$200. [/STRIKE]$180
Info on controller and LED Kit- http://www.rapidled.com/ddc-01-pwm-....com/biocube-29-dimmable-retrofit-kit-24-led/

-[STRIKE](4)[/STRIKE] 24" Retro DIY HO T5 lights. These were used in combination with my LED light. 2 lights are wired to one ballast. 2 ATI Blue+ and 2 fiji purple bulbs about 6 months old. $35 for 2 lights or all 4 for $55. TWO LIGHTS LEFT

-Acrylic Frag Tank - 32" X 24" X 12" - Center overflow with your standard drain/return. Loc-line and any available plumping parts are included. Plumbing can easily be re-fitted to fit your sump needs. Tank is pretty sweet, there are a couple scratches here and there but still really nice. Can easily be polished up for a "show" tank. A rim was added for more support. $[STRIKE]75[/STRIKE]$70 no cracks, leaks, etc. Was just drained earlier in the week. Will also include a fixture to hang a light if you would like it. Its about 5.5 feet tall extends 12 inches out and 2 feet across.

-Frag tank LED light - I used this light to showcase a 20 gallon long at frag swaps. It includes 9 royal blue LED's and 2 cool white LED's (no lenses). Attached to 1 non-dimmable driver and small cooling fan. Pretty sweet light. $65.

Live rock - about 50 pounds and 10 pounds of rubble. Includes a HUGE ball of cheato (basketball size)[STRIKE]$100[/STRIKE] $85 for all of it. Also included is a 5 gallon bucked of Live sand. FREE BUCKET WOO HOO LIVE ROCK is sitting in cooler with heater and powerhead, will dry out by Sunday if no one wants it.
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They are still for sale....
ALL PM's replied... pretty much still have everything expect Aqua C remora and 1 set of T5's sold.


BUmp... List update, prices reduced....
if you do the math 32x24x12 divided by 231 = 39.896
You wouldn't still happen to have that frag tank or fixture to hang the light would you?
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