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yeah, I've fragged them. You do it the same way as any mushroom.
1. cut the head off of the stalk (the stalk may regrow a new shroom)
2. cut the head like a pizza..having a small piece of the mouth on each piece
3. try to not cut off too small of pieces, use sharp scissors or razor blade
4. put the pieces in a small plastic container with coarse gravel in the bottom for the pieces to attach to. cover the container with vail netting and rubber band. This keeps too much flow out and snails/crabs from getting in and still lets light in. It takes a full month for the pieces to attach to the rock. fight the temptation to mess with them for the whole month. Then, glue the gravel they have attached to, to a piece of rock.

This has worked well for me in the past when I had a "softy tank". I lost a few of the small pieces, but I would say 80% survival rate for my frags.

tried superglue..never worked for me, either did putting rubberbands or string over them. GARF.com has a good step by step instruction on it. That is where I learned it from.

Good luck!
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