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I will only bring what is reserved to swap. PM me what you want and pay at swap. Pics are mother colonys not wysiwyg.
One 5 poylp frag of Sunny D zoas $20.00 (SOLD)
One 7 polyp frag of Cinnamon Grande Palys $20.00 (SOLD)
One 3/4" frag of tyree undata monti $15.00(SOLD)
One 1" frag of tyree neon green polyped leather $5.00
One 3 polyp frag of Green Palythoa Grandis $10.00 (SOLD)
Grandi Paly Photo by baum777 | Photobucket
Four 3/4" frags of Jedi Mind Trick Monti $15.00 Each(3 SOLD)(1 LEFT)
Jedi Mind Trick Monti Photo by baum777 | Photobucket
One 7 polyp frag of Green Trumpet $15.00
One 11 polyp frag of Green Trumpet $25.00
Can make smaller frags on request
Neon Green Trumpet Photo by baum777 | Photobucket
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