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Frags for sale Clinton Twp.

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I need to make some space in my tank. I have the following available if anyone is interested.

White Pumping Xenia 2" Umbrella type $10 ea
(mounted to 2" piece of liverock)
2 - 3" same white xenia frags mounted to 2lb coraline liverock $25 (also has a small red sps)
Brown stripe pumping xenia frag 3" mounted on 2" rock $10 (elongata type)
Purple, red, blue/ green, or green stripe mushroom frags $5 ea.
1" sq. green star on beached coral rock $7

Send PM (not email) if interested.


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I sent you a PM. Do you have an updateyet? I know this is rather quick, but things go rather quick here.
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