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Frags for sale Clinton Twp.

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I need to make some space in my tank. I have the following available if anyone is interested.

White Pumping Xenia 2" Umbrella type $10 ea
(mounted to 2" piece of liverock)
2 - 3" same white xenia frags mounted to 2lb coraline liverock $25 (also has a small red sps)
Brown stripe pumping xenia frag 3" mounted on 2" rock $10 (elongata type)
Purple, red, blue/ green, or green stripe mushroom frags $5 ea.
1" sq. green star on beached coral rock $7

Send PM (not email) if interested.


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You have a PM

Hopefully ;}

Hey Mark,

Thanks, my stuff is good so far also. Nice to meet you Ken. Also nice to meet you Wayne sorry we couldn't stay and chat had get our Daughter from grandma and grandpas.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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