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Need to clear the frag racks. I can text cell pics by request. Polyps are at least 2 or more polyps on frag plugs. Everything is OBO
WWC grafted cap $30
Rainbow monti $10
Gold lepto $10
Green lepto $10
Bigger Green cap $10
Watermelon psammocora $20
Meteor shower cypastrea $10
Red hornets$20
Fruit loops $20
Armour of gods plays $10
Wammin watermellons $10
Sunny D's $10
Eagle eyes $10

I know I'm missing other frags.

Also have a few heads of pink hammer. Was going for 200 a head at the sterling heights swap. Don't know if i want to sell it, make me an offer on it i guess, or trade for gold torch. Aussie preferred.
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