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I would like to make it easier for some people that are newer to the hobby and more specifically SPS corals.

I have some less pretty or smaller frags of some of my corals that will certainly grow out just as nice as the larger frags I sell, but will take a little more time. I also have an abundance of some frags and I will give away some of the cuts that were made from the underside of colonies and need to gain back some color.

Please don't take advantage and you will need to bring your own container or bags.

Some examples of what I am willing to give away are the following:

Red Monti Cap
German Blue Digitata
Sour Apple Birdsnest
Neon Green Candy Cane
Montipora Spongondes

Maybe some others as well

You can text me if you are interested and arrange a time
248 six seven zero 4360
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