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Hi all. I'm taking down one of my freshwater tanks and have a bunch of plants that you're welcome to have if you come pick them up. I'd love trades for some corals or a cool invert for my 2.5 gallon, but if you have nothing to trade that's ok too. These are all easy plants that don't require any co2. I would be available after 8 tonight or between 6 and 9pm tomorrow. I could hold the plants longer than that but I don't know how well they will do just floating in water with no substrate. PM me if interested.

-java moss
-parrot feather
-stringy moss
-java fern
-brown crypts
-pygmy chain swords
-1 dwarf lilly
-some kind of sword that's similar to pygmy chain sword but about 2x the size
-dwarf val's
-dwarf hairgrass

also, if you're interested
-ramshorn snails
-4 female bettas that get along well
-1 freshwater flounder (actually needs brackish as it matures)

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I'll take em. I got some a frag or two if you want for the trouble... what type of lighting do you have?

Interested in the FW sails as well.

I have 4 FW planted tanks right now, I was wanting to get some more plants for them too.
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