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Free Seahorses

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I am giving away Erectus seahorses. These are 7-9 months old and eating frozen mysis. There is a limit of two per person to avoid pet shops making money off of me and you must pick them up. They are free so I will not deliver. You must have a cycled 30 gallon saltwater tank or they won***8217;t survive. I have around 30 that are ready for a new home now. I am giving them away because I need the tank very soon. The picture is just a small sampling. I was told when I posted this picture in a group that some are going to have beautiful saddles and markings. Others have cirri and both males and females are available. If you are interested or have any questions send me an email.

Email: [email protected]


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I forgot to mention that the larger seahorses have been attempting to mate and one smaller male is pregnant. So if you get a male and female there is a good chance they will be mating throughout the summer. Getting all male or all female will prevent you needing more equipment to raise the babies.
For anyone that has never had seahorses these are some water parameters for them:

salinity - 1.022-1.025
Ph - 8.2-8.4
Temperature - 68-82 F
Calcium - 350-450 PPM
Alkalinity- 8-12 dkh

I have never checked my calcium. From what I have read the calcium in most salt mixtures should be good. I think the reason there is so much flexibility in other levels is because people used to think you had to have perfect conditions to raise seahorses but have found over the years that they do adapt well to a variety of conditions.
There are about 30 ready now and another 20 or so will be ready probably in July.
In case anyone is wondering, this is a serious offer. If I am this successful at raising the fry this year I will be selling them next spring. I’m just not prepared right now for shipping and researching how to set up a business. My local pet store wanted me to donate them then they would get a huge profit off my hard work. I would rather donate them to people that will love them and give them a good home.
I have left four messages for the saltwater manager in person and he won’t call me back. When I called they said I could donate them since there is no guarantee that they will live. And I do believe they meant it because they get some skinny small ones in a lot. Mine are much more healthy looking. Any other pet shop is too far away.
Preuss Pets in Lansing. I thought about talking with the owner because he is there most afternoons, but from what I understand, the saltwater manager runs his department without any interference from Mr. Preuss. So, if he won’t call me back there isn’t much more I can do there. I really love their pet shop and unless I can get a better deal on frozen mysis online, I will still go every two weeks for it.
Facebook has a policy that you can’t sell animals on their site. So you have to be careful how you word it. A couple of months ago I wasn’t aware of that so they withdrew my ad. I think they have me flagged now and review everything I post. I never had inquiries from anyone in Michigan, only Indiana and Ohio. I do know how you feel when you have nurtured something into a beautiful living creature only to get slapped in the face. Good luck to you, too!
Yes, they are very addicting! Right now I am giving them away with a limit of two per person. And it’s pickup only. How far are you from the Michigan border? I’m about 3-4 hours from Indiana.
So far 12 have settled in their new homes and 6 are reserved. There are still a lot that need new homes so email or message me if you are interested. I will post a new picture later.
Yes, I still have 20+ that are ready now. I was just going to post more pictures since they have more patterns and markings now. First picture is a male and the second a female. Seahorses are like snowflakes, no two are alike. I’m posting more in the forum but wanted a couple of close ups to show the markings.


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More pictures. I noticed two females today that turned almost completely white and saw copper tones on some. They have beautiful lined patterns on their bodies and most of mine have white markings including saddles. I still have several with cirri. Never buy a seahorse for it’s color because they can change colors whenever they want. Some of my adults have stayed the same color and some have changed a couple of times.


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Matt, you have too many messages stored so I can’t send you one until you delete some. LOL
This thread is closed. Thank you everyone that “adopted” my babies. It helped me out a lot!
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