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Free (sick) Scopas Tang

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I have a Scopas Tang that has Ich, i would love to treat it but i am going on vacation this Wednesday for a week..i was gonna try to let him tough it out until i got back but i feel to bad :( If you have experience treating the parasite with hyposalinity you are free to come get him and keep him, please PM me with questions i need him gone by Tuesday evening.


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Forgot to mention he is currently eating.
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I'd be willing to take him to help you out, but I really have no use for him, after he is well.:wacko:
you get him well crow and id take him off your hands :)

Ill take it and he has a great place in my 90 gallon frag tank. Currently I have only one fish in it. I take great pride in getting it to make a come back.

Let me know and Ill pick it up tomorrow. I am right next door in chesterfield. Actually if you up let me know and Ill start getting the quarantine tank ready.
Tom, thank you again for taking him i have up most faith in you to bring him back. Thank you everyone else who Pm'd me and those who offered to take him.
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