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Fresh Coral for Sale

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Good Prices on Colorful Coral

prices are dollars per # polyps

King Midas $15/10polyps

Stargate $35/1polyps

Duncan $35/4heads

Tubbs Blue $30/12

Spongesoda $20/frag

Blue Hornets $25/3polyps

Nuclear Dragon Eye $20/12polyps

Purple&Green Skirt Zoa $12/20polyps

Jokers $25/14

Hammer Coral (Green & Purple) $45/6heads

Green Bay Packers $15/8polyps

Favorite Reds $25/7polyps

Bam Bams $30/11

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ill take some bam bams maybe others. PM sent.
I am no sure if this will work for you, but I live in Grand Rapids and am going to Ann Arbor on the 24th.....could pick up anything left, if you haven't sold it. What's your thoughts on this?

I would be leaving Ann Arbor around 3sh.....

Toledo isn't that fare away from my house if you are interested in meeting half away I could do it. A good place for me to meet half away wood be the Cabelas in Dundee MI. If your still intersted.

I want jokers but im in toledo:(
I can still meet half way to toledo
detriot swap meet

i will be going to the detriot swap meet this weekend
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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