I'm selling a fully quarantined juv blue face Angel. I've had him for one full year in my display, I've decided I want some corals that he nips at (softies, acans). I purchased him as a 1.5" baby and fully quarantined him (as I do with ALL of my livestock, snails included). He's about 4" and thicc. It's hard to get a side profile, he's not exactly thrilled I caught him lol.

He eats all foods such as mysis, pellets, and nori. I caught him and have moved him to my coral quarantine tank which is currently coral-less.

He gets along with all tank mates including: purple, yellow, achilles, naso tangs, dwarf potters angel, clowns, copperband butterfly, wrasse, mandarin, trigger. He's beginning his color change from juv to adult - his yellow mask is starting to show and his scales are faintly noticeable.

This is an incredible fish and I will miss him, I really don't want to sell him but the wife won't let me set up a 2nd FO tank

200$ obo

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