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Time to get rid of some of these fish.

Yellow tang - $20 OBO or trade
Orange Clown - $20 OBO or trade
Maroon Clown - $20 (no picture) OBO or trade
Bi-Color Angel -$15 OBO or trade
Banggai Cardinal -$10 OBO or trade
Rose Anemone (3) - $35 each all three for $100 OBO or trade

Photos can be seen at TRAC

The Blue Tang and Scopus, shown in the photos have been sold.
Also the B & W clown is gone.

I really, REALLY need these gone TODAY.
Open to trades for small frags to go in a 24g Nano.
LFS are welcome to contact me if willing to take.

[email protected]

Chuck in Tiffin

PS: I can give away some leather mushroom frags, candy canes, frogspawn and palys to buyers of any fish.

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All the tangs and anemones are sold.

I have the two clowns, the bi-color angel and the cardinal left. $50 for all 4.
I have several medium - large leather mushrooms, a couple of candy canes and some palys I can give to anyone that wants them.

I am home all the time, so if anyone wants to come during the day or evening in the next couple of days, just send me a PM or email.

[email protected]
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